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Why a partner such as Lexing Switzerland?

A connected city must have legal support to collect data.

Try to answer these two questions ...

Have you put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing of personal data and against any accidental loss or destruction or damage to personal data ???

Is there a culture of compliance control (internal procedures that ensure data protection is taken into account at all times) or data protection and information security auditing within your society ????

Did you answer "NO" to one of these two questions ???

It is because you are concerned by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, in French RGPD) which constitutes the new reference text, at European level, in terms of the protection of personal data.

You will have to comply with them to have a simple "YES" if you want to be able to collaborate with the companies which were able to answer with a positive answer to these two questions.

Remember a city or a company must have a legal framework to collect information.

" True courage is prudence "

Euripides -480 -406 BC. JC

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